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Repeating Mistakes.

Whilst you’re swimming through rivers of s**t, it’s easy to feel hard done by. Yet we know that each experience in our life was totally necessary in order to have got us to the next place, and the one after that ..right up to the here and now.

I’d like to think we can take valuable ‘learning’ from that, and that’s why we must allow these experiences to shape us, not define us.

Also, just because you did something once, doesn’t mean you won’t repeat it again. (Just look at me... the wedding cake junkie 😩)

Some of our hardest life lessons repeat themselves over and over again. It’s just wise to be reflective enough to witness them happening - in the moment - so this time round we can handle them differently!

Keep smiling lovely friends, because I think we’re meant to do a fair bit of paddling upstream against the tide before we pop our clogs

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