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You will see from my qualifications that although I am a trained counsellor, I work to a psychotherapeutic model including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) which does mean that issues can sometimes be resolved quicker.  The work is deep and demanding which brings about the best results and which are long lasting.

I have a strong belief that we all have the right and the ability to thrive,  but life situations and people can get in the way which renders us to simply ‘surviving.’  These are the times when counselling is useful.  When people feel they are drowning in what is holding them back, and they continue to feel stuck, then it really can help to engage with therapy which will help them  reframe  how they deal with the problem, and find alternative ways of behaving and coping.


The way I work is unique to each person, and any models of therapy I use will be tailored to that particular client’s needs. Sessions last an hour and can be weekly or fortnightly.



The area in which I see my clients is five minutes by car  from central Halifax, and has plenty free, on street parking.  I am ten minutes away from J24/M62 by car. In addition to this my premises are only a short walk from the main bus route.


If you always do what you've always done,

                  you'll always get what you always got!



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