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Don't have a cr*p Christmas

Perfectly decorated house, cosy, large home to hold the perfect happy family gathering, massive dining table the size of Lake Windermere- layered with M&S edible creations.... how hard is it to attain that traditional image of Christmas? Damned impossible I’d say because life is just so complex. So how come we STILL EXPECT IT and think we’ve failed as parents/partners/carers/if we don’t? Most of us set out with great expectations which get thwarted due to lack of money, awkward/uncaring relatives, or not having enough space or time to plan. And don’t get me started on social media (rolls eyes!) Where else can you punish yourself by witnessing how bloody marvellous all your friend’s Christmases are? The more cynical ones among us will realise that what we see isn’t always the real deal! Some of the biggest arguments happen at Christmas! Kids will sulk in their bedrooms, divorces and seperations are considered, worries about overspending all come to the fore and therapists like me prepare for hard work in anticipation, because January is often our busiest month of the year for new business. Learning to live with disappointment is one of the hardest tasks of growing up and, once childhood ends, Christmas time can rarely feel like it did when we were young. So my wish for you all is to just enjoy the little things and not bust a gut striving to be perfect. If you can be content with just a ‘good enough’ Christmas and always be mindful - ITS JUST ONE DAY... maybe we won’t feel let down. Much love to you all , especially if this is your first Christmas missing the presence of someone special for whatever reason. M xxx

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