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If you always do what you've always done,

                  you'll always get what you always got!


If you've arrived at my website it means that you have taken the first steps towards change. Please click on the video below to hear a personal welcome from me.



Prof. Diploma in Humanistic Person-Centred Counselling

P. Cert in REBT/Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

P Cert in Couples Counselling 

Prof. Diploma in Supervision for Counsellors & Psychotherapists

Prof. Diploma in Supervision for Therapeutic Practitioners

Prof Diploma as Specialist in Psychosexual Dysfunction (Sex Therapy)

Prof. Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

I've worked as a psychotherapist for over 20 years and until recently, employed as head of counselling at a West Yorkshire hospice, where I led a team of professional counsellors offering therapy to patients and relatives. I am also a key trainer within the local and wider healthcare trust, a renowned motivational speaker and an Accredited Member of the National Counselling Society.

I am also a qualified couples counsellor and sex therapist.  It is an absolute joy of mine to work with couples who are encountering problems, to find some resolve to move the relationship forward when all that seems to be happening is ‘stuckness.’ I work with married & unmarried couples of any sexual orientation.

During my years in private practice I have encountered many clients with differing issues. Whilst it’s often impossible to remove the cause of the problem for that client, they find that working with me has allowed them to deal with their situation in a more productive manner.  This in turn does bring them results, more choices, and a better quality of life and let’s face it, some peace of mind, which is all important.


On a lighter note I am a Mum and Grandma, I love to laugh and whilst my work is very serious I can find humour in most things and do so wherever possible.


Marica Binns


Bereavement & Loss

Terminal and/or  Life Limiting Illnesses & Conditions (inc. living with pain)

ASD / Aspergers

Couples/Relationship Mediation

Sex Therapy 

Empowerment for women in mid-life



Relationship Problems

Body Image

Confidence and / or Lack of Self-Esteem



Personality Disorders

Bi-Polar, Cyclothymia & Depression.

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